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This web site contains sexually explicit material:
Refunds & Cancellations
Refund, Cancellation and Chargeback Mitigation Policy

We clearly exhibit on our website www.jaybanknetwork.com and ALL subsites, videos and pictures of a erotic nature for our customers or users.

It is explicitly clear that our content includes sexually explicit videos and that all of our actors and actresses are over 18. It is also clear the type of files available in different media formats and we also show previews or summaries of each of the videos available to download and or stream to let the user know the kind of content that will be downloaded or streamed prior to sale.

We also show a compilation of photos of each of the videos offered as well as content descriptions and model information

. Therefore we understand that jaybanknetwork.com and its subsites offers enough information about the videos to download or stream and the user has full knowledge of the adult content of videos we offer to be downloaded (playback format files). Also that all videos work perfectly on different available formats.

You also enjoy the right of withdrawal within 14 days from concluding the contract for online digital content.

However, once you start downloading or streaming the content you may no longer withdraw from the purchase, provided the trader has complied with his obligations. Specifically, the trader must first obtain your explicit agreement to the immediate download or streaming, and you must explicitly acknowledge that you lose your right to withdraw once the performance has started.

If you want to enjoy the right of withdraw because you didn’t start to download or streaming the content, you can send us a mail to: gvareeentertainment@gmail.com and we will study the case. We will inform you within 3 days from sending us your mail.

The contents of the site service (jaybanknetwork.com and its subsites) are intended for the personal non-commercial use of its users. All materials published on the Site (including, but not limited to video clips, news articles, photographs images, illustrations, and audio clips collectively, 'content') are protected by Copyright (C), Trademark and all other applicable intelligential property laws, and are owned and controlled by Gvaree Entertainment, or the party credited as the provider and copyright holder of such content, software, or other materials.

Upon acceptance of purchase:

You shall abide by Copyright (C) or other notices, information, and restrictions appearing in conjunction with any content accessed through the service / membership.

• You have the right to view the content obtained from the service for which you have paid; apart from that right, you do not have the right to copy, distribute, share, facilitate sharing, prepare derivative works, share
derivative works, facilitate sharing of derivative works, publicly display for free or for compensation, or make any other use of such content without obtaining explicit written permission of the copyright holder.
• This restriction of use includes, but is not limited to: uploading, posting, selling, sharing, or making purchased content from this Site available in any format or through any mechanism (e.g., peer-to-peer file sharing,
torrents, forums, social media etc.) to another party.
• We aggressively enforce our intellectual property rights. Any infringement, including those related to swapping, trading, re-selling, or reposting of clips, videos, and images will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the

Any other matters contained or including cancellation and or refunds can be addressed to Gvaree Entertainment by email at gvareeentertainment@gmail.com within 3 business days of said purchase. After which time without " buyer " recourse. This matter shall be closed and all sales final. Including but not limited to photos, rentals and physical DVD purchases.

Chargeback Management Policy:

By providing customer service reps before, during and after the sale when customers need us, we will must be helpful, responsive and clear in our offerings and products for sale, in terms of what the customer is buying and how they may consume it.

Our contact phone numbers, email addresses, and physical address is prominently displayed on our webpages, purchase acknowledgments and follow up correspondences as we aim to make it easy to contact us in regards to purchases and or customer concerns. We aim to respond to any customer purchase inquiry within 48 hours during business days and first available business day following weekends.

Above all, customer cancellations should be as simple and pain-free as possible. We do NOT want subscribers to feel they were deceptively locked-in to a service they no longer want, or must continue to pay for, and we are attentive to the consumer in which we serve with fast friendly assistance in the cancelling of any subscriber account to avoid a chargeback.

User accounts found to initiate chargebacks for fraud, end of subscription or otherwise will be suspended and or terminated in some cases to avoid future potential chargebacks and or payment issues. We reserve the right to terminate ANY user account that directly engages in or promotes fraud to obtain content.

Company Name and Address:
Gvaree Entertainment
2475 NW 16th Street # 515
Miami, FL. 33125 ( USA )